Spray Dryer Monitoring - Industrial Process Camera System


ABLE are the exclusive UK distributor of Canty ‘Spray Dryer Monitoring’ Industrial Process Camera Systems, which are are vision based, industrial camera / light combinations used to view spray nozzle patterns in real time. This allows operators to see changes in the profile of the spray pattern, and detect clogging before it becomes a problem. Operators can easily view for product build-up before there is a chance for fire. This Vision System can be automated by the Canty Vector™ Image Processor to measure the size and shape of the spray pattern profile. Alarms can then be sent to the control system if nozzles clog or the spray pattern changes.


  • FM, CSA and approvals to CENELEC on various models. World wide approval
  • 450°F Standard Capabilities (up to 2000°F models available)
  • Ethernet colour high resolution CCD camera includes imaging software.
Spray Dryer Monitoring
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