Industry Solutions

ABLE provide measurement solutions for many industries with our portfolio of instruments and controls, including Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical industries. Years of experience enable an inherent understanding of the requirements of these sectors and most importantly the ability to correctly apply fit for purpose equipment. Examples of the areas we serve and our application knowledge are detailed here.

  • Oil & Gas Solutions
  • Power Solutions
  • Chemical Solutions
  • Pharmaceutical Solutions
  • Automotive Solutions
  • Food Solutions
  • O.E.M Solutions
  • Renewables Solutions
  • Water Solutions
  • H.V.A.C. Solutions

Oil & Gas Solutions

The backbone of ABLEs experience, offshore and onshore oil & gas and downstream petrochemical applications have been solved many times by our application engineers. We have equipment & knowledge to measure at all points incl: mud flow, level & density; bulk and interface liquid levels; gas compression, water injection and chemical additive processes; flare gas metering; oil in water and water cut; offload metering and overboard dump; produced water and utilities; mercury vapour and gas detection; catalyst and cracker columns; even subsea applications have been solved. View Natural Gas Application Processing Map, or alternatively, our Crude Oil Processing Map