Awarded Orders

A selection of recently awarded orders provided to keep you up to date with ABLE, global manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation and control solutions.

Customer: Anglian Water Services
Project: Meeting EU Industrial Emissions Directive for STCs
Location: East Anglia
Products: Jerome J605 Hydrogen Sulphide Analysers

Anglian Water’s current approach to managing bioresources involves the treatment of wastewater sludge from 1,122 water recycling centres at 10 sludge treatment centres (STCs). The STCs treat the wastewater sludge to generate a high-quality biosolids cake product for use in agriculture as a soil conditioner.

One of Anglian’s key ambitions for bioresources over the period is safe, efficient, sustainable treatment of sewage sludge to meet future demands, reflecting population growth and tightening environmental standards that lead to forecast increased sludge production of up to 173.1 thousand tonnes per annum (TTDS) by 2030.

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In order to meet this goal Anglian must meet the EU’s Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) which takes an integrated approach to controlling pollution to air, water and land, and sets challenging industry standards for the most polluting industries. The IED aims to prevent and reduce harmful industrial emissions, while promoting the use of techniques that reduce pollutant emissions and that are energy and resource efficient. To that end, Anglian have purchased ten-off of the revered Jerome J605 Gold Film PPB Hydrogen Sulphide Analyser.
All of Anglian’s 10 STCs will be equipped with a Jerome which will facilitate fast and accurate determination of nuisance odours and expeditious negation of same.

ABLE expects other water utilities throughout the UK to follow suit.

Customer: Pfizer
Project: Expansion of Grange Castle Manufacturing Site
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Products: Magnetrol Guided Wave Radar Transmitters

Pfizer Inc’s €1.2 billion capital investment in its Grange Castle, Dublin manufacturing site, first announced in 2022, will see a new facility built on the site premises and will double the capacity for biological drug substance manufacturing at the site. It is anticipated that there will be a further 400-500 roles added, bringing the total number of Pfizer employees in Ireland to approximately 5,500.

The investment and the posts being created will significantly expand manufacturing and laboratory capacity and add new technologies to help ensure Pfizer is ready to support the next wave of medical innovations. Construction is currently underway with the new facility due for completion in 2027. The investment will ensure that Pfizer has capacity for licensed and pipeline products in oncology, rare disease, inflammation & immunology and internal medicines.

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One of Pfizer’s strategic partners for the expansion is BCD, a leading process engineering solutions company based in Cork, which has been delivering high-purity process solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, and chemical customers all over the world, since 1983.

With specific expertise in Product Formulation, Clean in Place, Clean Utilities and Thermal Treatment, BDC’s engineers are at the forefront of the development of innovative process, mechanical and automation solutions.

The process solutions for Pfizer are being constructed as Modular Skids and have a high demand for Guided Wave Radar Transmitters for level measurement duties.

As Magnetrol’s partner for sales & service in the UK and Ireland, ABLE has recently received orders for a significant number of the Model Eclipse 705 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter. The variant selected is the enhanced variant with a 304 stainless steel housing and AL-6XN stainless steel probe, specifically designed for hygienic applications. Furthermore, the instrument meets the needs and requirements for the wetted and non-wetted materials, process connections and surface finishes of hygienic industries.

Customer: Laser Lines
Project: 3D Printing Material Quality Control
Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire
Products: Vapor Pro XL Moisture Analyser with Autosampler

Laser Line have been experts in laser technology for more than 40 years and have been involved in 3D printing from the very early days, over 30 years ago.

Laser Lines provide the ULTEM 9085 Resin 3D printing material and ULTEM 1010 Filament 3D printing material, the latest high-performance thermoplastics for direct digital manufacturing. With their high strength to weight ratio, both materials are ideally suited to the transport and medical industries. The ULTEM™ 9085  is also available in an Aerospace certificated filament in full compliance with Aerospace requirements, giving full backward traceability of raw material. Each canister is supplied with both a certificate of conformity and a certificate of analysis.

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In order to carry out moisture testing of the resin and filament printing materials, Laser Lines required a moisture specific analyser with good correlation to Karl Fischer titration. Laser Lines contacted ABLE in this regard and were introduced to the Computrac Vapor Pro XL. With excellent repeatability, precision, flexibility and an advanced user interface but without the need for toxic chemicals, the Vapor Pro provides the latest in moisture specific analysis technology.

After consultation and demonstration, Laser Lines selected the new Autosampler variant of the Vapor Pro which facilitates automated moisture analysis with the ability to test up to 16 samples with individual test profiles. However, it was the associated safety aspect of the Autosampler that appealed to Laser Lines; the construction of the Autosampler means that operators are unable to handle the ejected heated vials until they have cooled down to room temperature.

Customer: Tengizchevroil (TCO)
Project: Sour Gas Injection Plant (SGP)
Location: Kazakhstan
Products: Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

TCO’s production capacity rose with the commissioning of the Second-Generation Expansion Project in 2008, which includes the Second-Generation Plant (SGP) and Sour Gas Injection (SGI) facilities. This expansion allowed TCO not only to double oil production in Tengiz, but also to improve the environmental performance and increase production efficiency. TCO completed the expansion in the third quarter of 2008, which brought daily capacity to 75,000 metric tons (600,000 barrels) of crude oil and 22 million cubic meters (750 million standard cubic feet) of gas. SGP stabilizes and sweetens crude oil, as well as separates and processes natural gas into gas products and elemental sulphur. SGP is the largest single sour crude processing train in the world.

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SGI re-injects one third of produced sour gas back into the Tengiz reservoir at extremely high pressures to maintain reservoir pressure. The injection compressor is like no other compressor in the world and represents the state of the art in sour gas injection technology. SGI enables about 25% of total TCO oil production as well as pressure maintenance to reservoir.

ABLE supplied myriad instrumentation to the original SGP Project back in 2006/7, including 35 Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meters for both liquid and gas applications. This expansion doubled the production of existing processing facilities. ABLE scope also included Russian technical documentation including Metrology & GOST approvals.

Having provided sterling service for 16 years, certain meters on the sour gas service needed replacing. ABLE were contracted in this regard and supplied several dual channel meters built into cradles, ready to drop into the existing hazardous area enclosures.

When TCO’s Future Growth Project (FGP) was approved in 2018, ABLE were commissioned to supply over £14M worth of instrumentation, the legacy of our recognition as a proven supply & service partner to SGP.

FGP represented major plant expansion. The project uses sour gas injection technology, successfully developed and proven during TCO’s previous expansion in 2008, to increase Tengiz crude oil production capacity by about 12 million tonnes per year/260,000 barrels per day to about 39 million tonnes per year/850,000 barrels per day –  equivalent to current total North Sea output.

Customer: CNOOC
Project: Telford Pipeline Inhibitor Injection
Location: Scott Platform
Products: Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

CNOOC International is a leading upstream business in the UK North Sea and operator of the Buzzard, Golden Eagle and Scott assets. The latter is located approximately 185 kilometres north-east of Aberdeen and commenced production in 1993. The Scott installation comprises two independent bridge linked platforms each supported by steel jackets. The two platforms are the drilling and process platform (DP), and the utilities and quarters platform (UQ)

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The Scott, Telford and Rochelle fields are tied into the platform. The Scott and Telford fields continue to produce through Scott. The Rochelle field reached COP in 2019. The CNOOC International strategy for Scott is to maximise recovery from the Scott and Telford fields in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, defer abandonment costs and attract third party or equity tieback developments.

The new rigid Telford water injection pipeline will be trenched by ploughing with the top of the pipeline approx. 0.6m below the seabed.

As part of the pipeline upgrade, CNOOC expressed a requirement for accurate and precise  injection of scale inhibitor into the line. ABLE were contracted to supply a dosing skid with three stainless steel Rheonik RHM015 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters each with ½” process connections. The meters were designed for 221barg at 10 litres/hr with a minimal pressure drop of 0.1 bar. Accuracy was verified at 0.2% of rate.

Customer: Morgan Advanced Materials
Project: Fire Testing Furnace
Location: Morgan Thermal Ceramics, Bromborough
Products: ExtremeTemp High Temp Camera

The Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials makes advanced ceramic products and systems for thermal insulation in high temperature environments.

Morgan engineer products and systems for equipment in demanding applications and for the safety of people. Their solutions help customers, especially those operating energy intensive processes, to reduce energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.

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Morgan’s products and systems are used in high temperature industrial processing of metals, petrochemicals, cement, ceramics and glass, and by manufacturers of equipment for aerospace, automotive, marine and domestic applications. Their core strength is the ability to address individual customer challenges, using proven materials and applications expertise to design, manufacture and install optimum thermal solutions.

When Morgan undertook the test furnace upgrade/rebuild at the Bromborough Site, they decided to install a superior quality, high temperature surveillance camera to monitor the process. As suppliers of Canty’s process vision technology, ABLE were approached to resolve the application. ABLE recommended Canty’s ExtremeTemp Furnace Camera, rated for temperatures up to 1930°C.

The camera was duly purchased and will be located horizontally (or angled downwards slightly to minimise the accumulation of any airborne debris)  at the right-hand rear corner of the furnace chamber providing a 65° viewing angle. Normal operating temperature is around 1000-1100 °C and a typical furnace run is around 2 hours. The camera will have a dual instrument air feed: one to cool the electronics and one to maintain a positive pressure in the lens tube to ensure no furnace debris can adhere to and block the lens tip.

There also exists a potential interest in looking at glass fibre width measurement on the manufacturing side. Canty already provide this measurement for one of Morgan’s major competitors in Europe and budgetary costs have been advised. Watch this space!

Customer: Leada Engineering / Coal Authority
Project: Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing for Odour Control
Location: Nent Haggs Mine, Cumbria
Products: Jerome J605 Fixed Point Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring System

LEADA Engineering was formed in 2001 by Director Stewart Lea, to provide a specialised approach to Mechanical, Electrical, Installation, Control and Automation support to the UK water industry. Their continued growth is founded on lasting relationships, developing what they refer to as a ‘Critical Friend’ status with many of their clients, consultants and contractors.

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They are proud of their first-class reputation for the services that they offer within all areas of engineering and consultancy. This reputation is based on their collaborative ways of working, highly experienced staff, value engineering and innovation, alongside detailed design and ‘best practise’ solutions.

One specialist area of operation is the provision of chemical dosing systems for purchase or hire. Working closely with the Coal Authority to provide a bespoke and collaborative design utilising Hydrogen Peroxide dosing for the control of Hydrogen Sulphide in air, the Dissolved Oxygen control loop will mitigate the risk of odour release from this amazing new biological water treatment process.

Vital to verifying the efficiency of the dosing process is accurate and repeatable monitoring of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) down to single digit ppb levels, and, being aware of the stellar reputation of the Jerome J605, Leada contacted ABLE to arrange a site demonstration of the analyser. Having successfully put the Jerome through its paces, Leada ordered a fixed monitoring variant of the Jerome installed in a thermostatically controlled IP67 environmental housing. Whilst bespoke in some respects, the system was similar to those previously supplied to Thames Water, United Utilities, Tideway Tunnel and Southern Water.

Customer: MAN Truck & Bus
Project: Workshop Process Digitation
Location: Swindon, UK
Products: Attexo iPad Mini 6 (Zone 1 variant)

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers; it provides transport solutions and has an annual turnover of over 10.9 billion euros (2021). Its product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses, diesel and gas engines and a range of services relating to the transport of passengers and goods. MAN Truck & Bus is a TRATON SE company.

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The commercial vehicle industry is facing major challenges. Future vehicles are expected to be ever more autonomous, networked and emission-free in operation. MAN Truck reviewing are seizing this opportunity to consistently realign all operational aspects of the company.

To that end, MAN are digitising their workshop processes and are using iPads to distribute jobs to their vehicle technicians, complete vehicle inspection checklists, supporting photographs, repair notes and reference to technical documents. They have some workshops that primarily repair and maintain customer vehicles in the petrochemical haulage sector so the iPads at these locations need to comply with the relevant intrinsically safe standards.

During discussions with MAN regarding the above requirement, ABLE recommended the Attexo IPAD Mini 6 intrinsically safe version, suitable for the Zone 1 demands of the petrochemical industry – MAN subsequently purchased 29 units. New in from Atexxo Manufacturing, the Apple iPad Mini 6th generation is originally manufactured by Apple, then converted and certified according to ATEX, IECEx and UKCA by Atexxo. Importantly, this removes the necessity for the customer to source the iPad and then obtain 3rd party installation, which is both timely and costly. The Atexxo case takes the most popular tablet in the world into the most challenging conditions whilst also allowing immediate upload to a network through WiFi or 5G.