JM Canty Industrial Cameras

ABLE are exclusive UK representatives for the JM Canty range of Industrial Cameras, offering ‘high temperature’, ‘process’ & ‘surveillance’ camera versions.

High Temperature Cameras – Our High Temperature Camera Systems feature a fused glass seal standard with every model. This unique seal provides an impenetrable safety barrier to protect the camera electronics from the harsh process environment and preventing hazardous vapours from escaping into your plant.

Process Cameras – Our cameras are patented systems designed to illuminate and view inside a pressure or process vessel through a single connection. There is no need for multiple vessel ports. We supply an integrally mounted camera and lighting system (optional) in a connection as small as a 2” NPT. The industry standard video output can be displayed on a video monitor in the comforts of a control room, or recorded on any VCR. A standard video monitor or TV with video input may be used to display the image.

Surveillance Cameras – These Cameras are ideal for demanding surveillance applications, visual inspection or verification functions in extreme environments.

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