A Level Playing Field

There are many process control applications that can and should be controlled or monitored by instrumentation that balances excellent performance with economics.

Eclipse 706GWR: Modernisation Through Adaptation

The adapter that retrofits your Magnetrol Model 705 Guided Wave Radar probes to our state-of-the-art
Model 706 platform without disrupting your process.

New Eclipse® Model 706 GWR Adapter For Enhanced Performance & Troubleshooting in Desalter Interface Measurement

Two Magnetrol Eclipse Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Model 705s were being used to measure the interface in a desalter at a refinery, the control of which is a critical process. Inorganic chlorides, suspended solids, and trace metals found in untreated crude must be removed by chemical or electrostatic desalting. This reduces the risk of acid corrosion, plugging, fouling and catalyst poisoning in downstream units. Measurement of the oil-water interface in the desalter is crucial in separating the cleansed crude from contaminants.


ConocoPhillips is decommissioning the Lincolnshire gas pipeline in the Southern North Sea, and the Theddlethorpe gas terminal.

ABLE Masters Foinaven Produced Water Flow Measurement Problem

The Foinaven oilfield is located in blocks 204 / 19 and 204 / 24a of the North Sea UK Sector, which are operated by BP Exploration. Shell UK Exploration and Production is the co-venturer.

Capacitive Sensors for Water Cut Measurement

Separation operations, automated well testing and lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) are, but three of the oilfield applications for which capacitive analysis has a record of reliable, cost-effective performance

Custom Design On Critical Duties Continues To Measure Up

Whilst new products often provide opportunities for faster, high accuracy measurement solutions, it is always worth considering those technologies with proven application histories.

When Accuracy Matters

Prior to the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, the measurement of flare gas on oil and gas production facilities in the North Sea was driven mainly by statutory regulations that required operators to simply report emissions to the Environment Agency. Consequently, there was never an economic incentive to install metering equipment.

Use of Nitrogen Purge in Flare and Vent Systems

For offshore installations, flare and atmospheric vent headers are required to be purged in order to prevent oxygen ingress to the flare and atmospheric vent systems. This is required in order to avoid the formation of volatile mixtures in the headers, which could lead to explosions if ignited.

ABLE SlugMaster delivers in Kashagan Field

Discovered in 2000, the Kashagan Field is an offshore oilfield in Kazakhstan’s zone of the Caspian Sea. It extends over a surface area of approximately 75 kilometres by 45 kilometres.

Set Your Sights On Better Level Measurement

ABLE’s Magnetic Level Gauges are progressively replacing other outdated modes of level technology, providing clear indication and non-invasive liquid level control in any chamber configuration required to suit process connections.

ABLE Resolves Sticky Situation

Petroleum Bitumen, normally called “Bitumen” or “Asphalt” is produced by refining crude oil. Used as a binder in road-building products, it is a very viscous, black or dark brown material.

ABLE MudMaster™ Conquers Drilling Fluid Measurement - Norwegian Version

Det har lenge vært anerkjent at måling av flyt og tetthet av borevæske (slam) resulterer i forbedret borekontroll og økt sikkerhet, samtidig som det senker uproduktiv tid (non-productive time, NPT) på boreriggen og reduserer kostnader uten at det går utover sikker drift.

Clair Project Offshore

The Clair reservoir, located 75 kilometres West of Shetland Islands and in water depths of up to 150 meters, was first discovered in 1977. It is the largest known, as yet undeveloped, hydrocarbon resource on the UK continental shelf, extending over an area of some 220km2.

Valve Position Technology Without Limits

Many offshore oil and gas operators are seeking an alternative to limit switches for the control of surface Xmas tree valves, due chiefly to issues with reliability and functionality; limit switch technology can only provide valve status information in terms of fully opened or closed with no facility for continuous feedback as to actual valve position.

ABLE Always On The Radar

A major oil company is building a new gas booster station in west Kuwait. The station comprises three high and low-pressure gas trains to produce 234 million cubic foot per day of dry gas and 69,000 barrels per day of condensate.

Canty InFlow™ Approved For Use With ASTM D7596 Particle Count Standard For Lubricating Oil

The Canty InFlow™ system may be used for testing in accordance with ASTM D7596 ‘Automatic Particle Counting and Particle Shape Classification of Oils Using a Direct Imaging Integrated Tester’.

ABLE Provide Upgrade To First Class Flare Metering

A major North Sea oil & gas operator has upgraded the Flare Gas Metering Systems on three of its platforms from previous versions of the Fluenta range of ultrasonic meters to the current generation. As the exclusive UK channel partner for Fluenta AS, process control specialists ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd, supplied three Model FGM160 II’s to replace the existing Model FGM100 and FGM-130’s.

The Glow of Success

The diversity of flare gas metering installations highlights the need for the expertise provided by ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd and Fluenta AS. Here we feature three BP project orders, their particular complexities and how ABLE and Fluenta working together ensures efficient execution.

Crude Oil And Mercury Don’t Mix

Innovene Grangemouth called upon ABLE Instruments & Controls Limited to assist in detection of mercury contamination in crude oil streams.

Shell Utilise Jerome Mercury Analyser Offshore

ABLE is pleased to announce the order award for their Jerome Mercury Analyser for the Shell operated Clipper gas production platform.

Proven, Economical V-Cone Flow Meter Reduces LNG Installation And Operating Costs

With its unique self-conditioning flow technology, the versatile V-Cone® Flow Meter from McCrometer offers a lowest-installed cost, low-maintenance and highly reliable measurement solution for challenging hazardous applications in liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing, transportation, storage and distribution.

ABLE Fusion™ Knocks Out Pneumatic Level Transmitters On NGL Condensate

A major oil & gas exploration and production company asked ABLE to assist with an urgent and difficult NGL condensate level measurement application on two of their platforms in the North Sea due to failing process instruments.

Forties Pipeline Upgrade

Increasing the capacity of the Forties Pipeline System from some 500,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD) to 1,000,000 BPD has enabled BP to transport additional volumes of oil from a number of central North Sea fields, via the newly commissioned Unity Riser Platform. However, in order to achieve this, two new pumping stations have had to be installed into the existing pipeline without interrupting the flow. Non contact flow metering devices from ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd played an important and unique role in the execution of this complex operation.

Able Wins Multimillion Dollar Contract For Flow Meters In Australian Gas Field

ABLE has announced the award of a multimillion dollar contract order to supply flow meters to the natural gas processing facility within the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project in Australia, one of the world’s largest natural gas projects.

Nucleonic Gauges Measure Up On Diesel Storage

Situated approximately 145 nautical miles east of Aberdeen and 160 nautical miles south west of Stavangar, Norway, the Everest Field was discovered in February 1982. Consent to develop the Everest and Lomond fields and the Central Area Transmission System was granted to Amoex on 9 May 1991.

Warning: The Invisible Danger In Oil And Gas

Almost all oil and gas is found within the tiny spaces in sedimentary rocks, mainly sandstone and coarse-grained limestone. Bedrock limestone and sandstone, even though hard, also contain lots of pores that can contain water or oil or gas and other elements.

ABLE MudMaster™ Conquers Drilling Fluid Measurement

It has long been recognised that flow and density measurement of drilling fluid (mud) results in improved drilling control and increased safety whilst lowering non-productive time (NPT) of the drill rig, reducing overall costs without compromising safe operation.

ABLE Secures Buzzard Contract

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd have been awarded the contracts to supply miscellaneous nucleonic level controls and allocation metering to the Buzzard field development in the North Sea.

Entrained Solids And Gas Prove No Match For ABLE SlugMaster®

ABLE has successfully installed their SlugMaster® system to solve a challenging produced water application on board the Talisman Clyde Platform.