JM Canty Particle Size Analysers

ABLE Instruments are the exclusive UK representative for the JM Canty range of particle size analysers, offering ‘liquids analysers’ and ‘solids analysers’.

Liquid Analysers – Canty Particle Sizing Analysers have been engineered to offer the user a means by which a liquid is analysed while under varying pressures, temperatures and flow rates. It offers sample or continuous, microscopic, non-destructive viewing and provides particle size analysis with two dimensional results when used in conjunction with the CantyVisionClient™ Software. The vision system, with integral lighting, features precision optics designed to enhance the image prior to display or analysis. The image sensor is a high resolution / high speed CCD camera coupled to a microscopic lens system. The system offers zoom and focus ability, variable lighting, and multiple objective lens packages to cover a range of sizes. Canty Particle Sizing Systems feature the FUSEVIEW™ window as the product contact barrier. The unique fused glass windows far exceed all other glass windows in safety and performance allowing for high pressure ratings.

Solids Analysers – The Canty SolidSizer unit is a versatile tool for lab environments to determine particle size and shape, thereby eliminating the need for sieving. The system also has multiple configurations that allow colour analysis and defect detection, as well as a tilting stage for flat particle analysis. The modular design allows for easy assembly of different configurations depending upon product type and/or analysis desired. The tilt stage feature is similar to the technology patented in the Canty RockSizer and is especially effective for analysing flat, stone-like particles. The stage is designed for both back and front lighting use.

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