Sitrans TH200 - Temperature Transmitter


The Sitrans TH200 Temperature Transmitter is designed to support all common RTDs, thermocouples, resistance and millivolt-sensors. Setup is quick and easy with the transmitter-modem and SIPROM T software. This configuration tool can be downloaded free. Unique user-friendly details are implemented: Without opening the 4-..20mA loop, the output current can read directly with a multimeter. A red/green LED shows the technician the status at a glance.


  • Benefits:
    • Measures temperature with a linear output signal
    • High accuracy across entire ambient temperature range
    • Reduces plant noise
    • Alarm signal for sensor break or short circuit according NAMUR 43
    • Electro magnetic compatibility (EMC) according DIN EN 61326 and NE21
    • Saves expensive compensation cables with the internal reference junction
    • Galvanic insulation for accuracy and safety in thermocouple applications
    • Single- or dual-point trim
    • Custom characteristic curve for application of non-standard sensors
    • Difference and average measurement
    • Explosion protected executions for US, Canada and Europe
    • Rugged design, fully potted electronics
  • Detail:
    • Input –┬áResistance thermometers, Thermocouples, Resistance-type sensors, DC sources
    • Output – 4 to 20 mA
Sitrans TH200
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