ABLE v-Trakka VT1 - Christmas Tree Valve Position Transmitter


ABLE Instruments presents the ABLE v-Trakka Christmas Tree Valve Position Transmitter. Secured directly to the valve collar and strong enough to withstand a scaffold pole knock, the v-Trakka also has a 316 stainless steel quick fit cover with viewing windows.

It is very easy to fit and simple to set up and provides protection from muck, physical damage and worker injury (by being in front of valve-stem).


  • 360° sensor allows for any stem rotation
  • 2-Wire EEx d Loop-powered Transmitter
  • Continuous Direct Measurement of Tree Valve-position
  • Universal Design; Retrofit to most common surface-trees, including:
    • Cameron
    • Baker-Hughes
    • Vetco
    • Safoco
    • Wood Group
    • Presco-Dyne
  • Extremely stable and robust design eliminates dependence on problematic limit switches and inferred pressure measurements.
ABLE v-Trakka VT1
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