Watchdog Closed System Oilers


ABLE are Exclusive Representatives for the Watchdog Closed System Oiler which are designed for gear boxes, bearing housings and oil sump applications. The Watchdog Oiler is perfect for use in the power generation, chemical processing, utility and pulp/paper industries. The view port gives a visual indication of lubricant level and condition. These constant level oilers don’t require adjustment or level setting and are mounted on the centre line of the required oil level.


  • Closed system design prevents spillage and contamination
  • Integral viewport eliminates the need for an additional component
  •  No vent line to pump bearing housing needed which simplifies installation
  • 4 oz reservoirs provide oil make-up
  • Mounts on the centre line of required oil level, and does not require adjustment or level setting
Watchdog Closed System Oilers
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