Intelligent Stack - Oil Storage System


The Intelligent Stack provides best practices in storage and dispensing with HMI touch panel for functionality and usability.

The Intelligent Stack System is designed to easily and effectively identify, store, handle, and dispense lubricants. It is an economical way to save space on a plant floor, while keeping lubricants organised and contaminant free.

It also eliminates the potential for mess and mishandling by keeping each fluid clearly identified with Trico’s exclusive colour-coded tags and labels, part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management line of products. Each label features a space to identify the specific substance contained within each tank, ensuring the right lubricant is delivered to the right equipment every time.

The Intelligent Stack System is ideal for any plant size as it is flexible to space requirements. Each stack incudes two tanks and a dedicated pump and filter for each tank. The Spectrum Oil Storage System provides centralised oil storage and dispensing. The 65-gallon tank capacity eliminates the cost of wasted space, time, labor, and unnecessary equipment purchases required when using 55-gallon drums.

The Intelligent Stack features a 7″ HMI colour touch screen to communicated system status and user control. It provides status of remaining lubricant volume, filter pressure differential, filter condition, system status, pump control and so much more.

Sensei Enabled

The Intelligent Stack is Sensei enabled allowing you to connect to the Sensei platform via the Internet. The Sensei platform operates in real-time to remotely monitor system condition and historical data from your desktop.


  • HMI panel provides system control and real-time system status
  • Includes one pump and filter per tank
  • Includes inline and kidney loop filtration
  • 65-gallon tanks
  • Modular, expandable system
  • Colour coded identifiers
  • Self-closing brass dispensing valves
  • Robust heavy gauge racking
  • Spill containment and dispensing area
  • Desiccant breathers
  • Sight ports
  • Stainless Steel wands
  • Self-priming bronze gear pump
  • Pressure relief valves
Intelligent Stack
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