Rheonik RHE21 - Extreme Environment Multifunction Coriolis Flow Transmitter


The RHE21 is an advanced function, explosion proof field mount transmitter with a corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure and through-glass operation capability. The RHE21 is rated to IP67 and suitable for installation in the harshest of environments. Multifunction capability provides real time mass and volumetric flow plus density and temperature indication with the option of connecting external sensors such as pressure transducers or precision densitometers for even greater measurement accuracy. Features such as API Standard Volume correction and Net Oil calculation are also available. The RHE21 supports connection to any of the wide range of RHM series of mass flow sensors and can be supplied with a tamperproof switch for critical applications. When the unique Rheonik Assurance Factor advanced diagnostics package is included, the RHE21 gives trouble-free operation and provides a detailed picture of measurement conditions for precise process control.


  • Wall or Pipe Bracket Mounting
  • Corrosion resistant housing in SS316 available
  • Selectable Units for Mass, Volume, Density and Temperature
  • Positive, negative and net totalizers for both volume and mass flow
  • Two configurable pulse/frequency outputs – double pulse available
  • Two analog outputs
  • Two configurable digital status outputs
  • Configurable digital input
  • Analog input configurable for pressure or density
  • Advanced functions: Net Oil, Baume/Brix, % Solids, Standard Density and Standard Volume (API MPMS Ch. 11)
  • Modbus RTU and HART
  • Custody transfer lockout switch and seal point
  • Back Lit Colour LCD display and 3 behind glass buttons with intuitive menu design
  • Service & settings via PC running Rheonik RHECom software


  • More insight into process and measurement conditions with Assurance View
  • Assurance Factor for proactive maintenance
  • Works with all sizes of Rheonik RHM flow sensors
  • Non-corrosive enclosure for extreme environments
  • Fast and easy setup using RHECom software
Rheonik RHE21
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