CANTY UltraTemp - Ground Flare Camera


The CANTY UltraTemp  is a vision-based camera system used with the CantyVision software to monitor the flares within an enclosed ground flare unit. The software accurately measures smoking conditions as well as the flare pilot for complete control. Compared to thermocouples, which are costly, unreliable and only able to monitor a single tube, a camera system can monitor multiple tubes simultaneously.

The CantyVision software is able to output a signal to alarm if the flare displays a smoking condition over a certain time. The signal can go to an operator screen, PLC or DCS for closed loop control. The system can then record video and capture images according to EPA regulations (i.e., at least one frame every 15 secs with time and date stamps). These images an associated video can be stored.

By mounting the unit in the ground flare wall, the electronics are protected by the fused glass from excess temperatures resulting from upset process conditions. A spray ring is fitted to facilitate a clean instrument air to keep the lens clean and free from debris. Pole setup, which can lead to costly and problematical maintenance, is not required as wall mounting means that the camera can be accessed from the safe side of the flare wall.


  • Temperature control
  • One camera for multiple flare monitoring
  • Real time analysis
  • Jet spray ring for cleaning
  • Wall mount for easy safe access
  • 1 Degree accuracy
  • Data storage as images or video
  • Data output via 4-20mA or OPC
CANTY UltraTemp
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