ABLE FlareMaster FT - Flare Gas Flow Meter


The ABLE FlareMaster FT comprises two Model TF200 standard transducers (a sender and a receiver unit) and an MFT200 control unit/transmitter. The non-intrusive design of the FlareMaster FT does not penetrate the flow stream, providing a longer transmit path for improved turn down and longer life expectancy.

The MFT200 provides signal inputs/outputs, derives reference values (standardisation) and also calculates flow velocity, sound velocity, standard and actual volume flow, mass flow, totalised standard volume flow, totalised mass flow, molecular weight, density, pressure and temperature. The DataFlow software provides access to all parameters, contains graphical display of measured values, trend curves and has an incident ledger for all measurement events and parameter changes.

The meter also encompasses the Enhanced Density Module (EDM), which allows the operator to provide the Flare Gas Meter with full gas stream density inputs (21 AGA8 gas species) in order to negate the effects of density distorting gas compositions. EDM calculates standard and operating gas compressibility. This function is highly effective in reducing measurement uncertainty.


  • Built in redundancy of flow measurement & automatic verification via secondary measurement method
  • Significantly extended flow measurement range, providing the widest range on the market, up to 1000 m/s
  • High process temperature operation range from -70 to +260ºC.
  • Immunity against loss of measurement from probe contamination and liquid carry over
  • Easy and fast to install and retrofits to all existing nozzle options (diametric 45º and bias 90º installs)
  • Wetted non-intrusive sensor design options for all pipe diameters from 6 inch up to 80 inch
  • Low maintenance costs, and lower frequency service intervals
  • Serial interface and Modbus protocol with all conventional comm protocol options available
  • High reliability and measurement accuracy throughout entire range
  • Extended processing options including detailed gas composition analysis options available
  • SIL2 rated
ABLE FlareMaster FT
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