ABLE FlareMaster gains momentum in the North Sea

ABLE FlareMaster gains momentum in the North Sea

ABLE’s FlareMaster flare metering enhancement tool has now been installed on several North Sea platforms. Flaremaster’s modular design, in its fully realised form, provides a dual redundancy, supervisory system designed to optimise the performance of the current generation of ultrasonic flare gas meters.

FlareMaster’s Enhanced Density Module (EDM), which allows the operator to provide the Flare Gas Meter with full gas stream density inputs in order to negate the effects of density distorting gas compositions, has already proved highly effective in reducing measurement uncertainty. For one North Sea Oil & Gas operator, this has already led to significant improvements in the accuracy of Green House Gas emissions reporting and consequent Tier 3 compliance.

Several operators have also implemented FlareMaster DataFlow, a sophisticated data gathering and analysis tool which facilitates remote interrogation and parallel monitoring of multiple FGMs from a safe area. The user is provided with a real time display of process data, including mass and standard volume flow, velocity, process temperature and pressure. Historical records of measured and calculated data are easily accessible.

Finally, ABLE will shortly be commissioning FlareMaster System Option 1 for a high-profile North Sea operator.  System Option 1, which overlays the EDM/DataFlow software package, equips the FlareMaster with a data repair capability for when process challenges such as transducer contamination compromise the measurement. It also provides dynamic gas compressibility adjustment and an extended velocity range.

FlareMaster is designed to sustain measurement in the face of those process upsets that defeat all ultrasonic FGMs.

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