ABLE FlareMaster - Flare Metering Enhancement Tool


The ABLE FlareMaster, in its fully realised form, is a dual redundancy, supervisory system designed to optimise the performance of the current generation of ultrasonic flare gas meters (FGM) by significantly reducing measurement uncertainty and ensuring sustainability of measurement during the most challenging process upsets and anomalies. This is achieved by applying a high level of processing capacity and an enhanced layer of analytics to the data being generated by the base FGM. FlareMaster is able to data mine and harvest the myriad signals routinely produced by an FGM that aren’t normally visible or accessible to a standard, associated flow computer.

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FlareMaster is a modular system comprising the following elements:

FlareMaster Enhanced Density Module (EDM) provides the FGM with full flare gas composition inputs to negate the effects of density distorting gas compositions therefore reducing uncertainty and preventing over reporting of GHG emissions.

FlareMaster DataFlow is a data gathering and analysis tool facilitating remote interrogation and parallel monitoring of multiple FGM systems in the safe area. Dataflow presents a real time display of flare gas process data including mass and standard volume flow, totalised flow, velocity, process temperature and pressure.

FlareMaster System Option I incorporates a state-of-the-art compact processor which facilitates dynamic gas compressibility adjustment, an extended velocity range and comprehensive communication protocol selection.

FlareMaster System Option II equips the FlareMaster with a supplementary, non-invasive sensor array which confers additional redundancy and an advanced software feature set. This imbues the FGM with sustainability of measurement and optimum accuracy under all process conditions, including extreme flare stack blowdown, which can involve flow velocities of up to 1000m/sec.

The ABLE FlareMaster, with all modules incorporated, is a dual redundancy supervisory system with the following features and benefits:

  • Reliable and repeatable flare gas flow measurement during process upsets and extremes
  • Effective operation during gas stratification and gas density variation
  • Enhanced accuracy flow velocity measurement up to 1000m/sec
  • Significant reduction in flare gas measurement uncertainty
  • Potential decrease in reported flare gas totals and consequent financial penalties
  • Remote interrogation and parallel monitoring of multiple FGM systems in safe area
  • Real-time display of flare gas process data including mass and standard volume flow, totalized flow, velocity, process temperature and pressure
  • Stores historical records of measured and calculated data
  • Customisable graphs for process parameters with graph template save option
  • Remote alarm setting for all instruments or a specific FGM
  • Can be installed on ‘live’ process without shutdown
  • Primary flare gas meter can be interrupted for service without loss of measurement
  • On site visualisation & control via ATEX Zone 1 Tablet
  • Dual redundancy of measurement
ABLE FlareMaster
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