ABLE Granted Patent for Latest Process Control Innovation

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been granted a patent for their latest invention entitled “Providing measurements relating to different phase components of a flowing fluid”.

This latest advancement is a product of ABLE’s innovative Research & Development Division, specialists in ultrasonic metering techniques, and is designed to address difficult process parameters across varying media. The patent covers the core technology at the heart of ABLE’s current and projected MasterTM Series of instrumentation, which uses a dual measurement intelligent algorithm to resolve demanding application challenges and consistently deliver accurate flow measurements during process upsets and fluctuations in composition.

ABLE’s MasterTM Series includes:


SlugMasterTM Intelligent Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The SlugMaster uses dual ultrasonic DD (Dynamic Density™) technology and was specifically developed by ABLE to reliably measure liquid flow during complications arising from changes in process parameters when the density varies with gas volume fraction. Transit Time ultrasonic flow metering is used during periods of low aeration with intelligent switching to Reflexor metering during heavy aeration, slugging, slurry or solid particle entrainment. The SlugMaster is available in both dedicated and portable versions



A multiphase variant of the SlugMaster, the PhaseMasterTM, has been developed from the same fundamental principal to deliver individual phase component measurements. This can be used to realise either a higher accuracy of liquid flow measurement in a multiphase environment or quantify specific constituent parts of gas / fluid mixtures.


MudMasterTM Drilling Mud Outflow Analyser

The MudMaster provides real time drilling fluids measurement in partially full pipe conditions. Flow and density are quantified independently using a proprietary enhancement of established measurement techniques to produce reliable, accurate and repeatable real time data including mass flow balance. The instrument is spool mounted to bolt directly into the mud outlet pipe and the non-contact nature of the technologies employed provides no restriction to mud flow, zero pressure drop and no moving or process contact parts subject to wear or requiring maintenance.

The MudMaster is able to identify critical episodes in the drilling process such as lost circulation, kick detection and cementing efficiency, as they happen. The MudMaster places a powerful analytical tool in the hands of the drilling engineer and a means by which increased personnel safety, asset protection and improved drilling automation may be realized.

FlareMasterTM Extended Velocity, Dual Redundancy Supervisory System

ABLE’s FlareMaster, which is currently under development, is intended to enhance the performance of the current generation of ultrasonic flare gas meters, ensuring that the flow measurement is reliable and repeatable under all process conditions regardless of extremes (both high and low) in flow velocities and significant diversity in gas densities. The enhancement is also designed to increase the maximum measurable flow velocity to higher than that achievable with any other flare meter technology, approaching 1000m/sec (Mach 3).

On a fundamental level the FlareMaster will offer dual redundant protection against loss of measurement under all process conditions, which is a failing common to all standard flare gas meters under extreme blow down conditions.

Under low flow conditions in a flare line, gas stratification can occur, and this process condition can be exacerbated when the line contains gases of significantly different densities. The complex stratified flow patterns arising would compromise any standard ultrasonic flare gas flow meter by distorting the directional computation and generating considerable measurement errors. The FlareMaster will be suitable for operation in both high and low temperature applications, and immune to the presence of both condensates and moisture. A key aspect of the design will be the ability to identify and compensate for any gas composition distortions.

Pending field trial data will facilitate the completion of the design and the conversion of the FlareMaster from the development phase to the finalised commercial product.


DuctMasterTM Ultra – Low Velocity HVAC Transmitter & Switch

ABLE has developed a highly sensitive duct velocity metering system for measurements down to 1m/sec. The sensing element is ABLE’s bespoke design and can be manufactured to fit any duct size and fitting. The DuctMaster has been devised to address specific low-flow HVAC applications. Two and four-wire switch and transmitter versions are available.

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