Canty Lab Dilution Particle Analyser

The challenge with a lot of laboratory-based particle analysis requirements across different industries (pharma, chemical mining…) is that the sample to be measured contains a high concentration of particles. This means that there is a high level of particle coincidence and overlap, which makes it difficult to identify and accurately analyse individual particles. The Canty Lab Dilution Particle Analysis System is the solution to that problem.

The system contains a reservoir, overhead stirred, auto-dilution pump and the Canty InFlow Analyser. Prior to adding the concentrated sample, the reservoir is auto filled with a dilution fluid. The sample is then added to the reservoir and then mixed with the diluent using the overhead stirrer and is then automatically gravity fed through the InFlow. During this operation, the auto dilution pump auto-increases or decreases the flow rate of the diluent based on the number of particles the CantyVision software is detecting on the live image. The 2D images of the particles captured by the high-speed microscopic camera are analysed in real time by the software to provide comprehensive size and shape analysis data. The dynamic imaging principle ensures quality data, whilst the automated nature of the system ensures ease of use.