Verabar Averaging Differential Pressure Flow Meters

ABLE offer Veris Verabar Averaging Differential Pressure Flow Meters, providing the most accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam as well as the lowest operating and installation costs.

The Verabar senses the natural averaged pressures created by the velocity of the fluid. When the fluid impacts the sensor, it creates a high-pressure zone (greater than the pipe static pressure) in front of the sensor. As the fluid moves past the sensor, it accelerates and a low-pressure zone is created to the sides and rear of the sensor. Alternate vortices are shed as the fluid separates from the sensor and a partial vacuum is formed at the rear of the sensor.

Multiple ports are positioned in the high and low-pressure zones and an averaged differential pressure is produced.

Verabar’s superior performance is due to its shape, surface condition and low-pressure port location.

  • No clogging
  • Stable signal
  • Low drag and increased structural strength
  • Solid one-piece construction
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