OptiSonde - Chilled Mirror Optical Dew Point Hygrometer


ABLE offer ‘OptiSonde’ Chilled Mirror Optical Dew Point Hygrometers, with precision humidity measurement utilising proven chilled mirror sensing technology, they provide data which is traceable to global metrology and standards laboratories.

The OptiSonde chilled mirror hygrometer is a humidity transfer standard available in benchtop or wall mounted configurations. These compact rugged analyzers are connected to either a single or two-stage chilled mirror sensor and PRTD. Chilled mirrors are the humidity sensors of choice when laboratory and process measurements require high precision without long-term drift.


  • Compact and rugged design for easy installation and durability
  • Built-in data logger provides ability to record historical data
  • Sensor conveniently plugs into wall mount chassis for facility monitoring, eliminating the need to run cable
  • Sensors may be connected up to 91m away via cable for remote monitoring
  • Displays and transmits in a variety of parameters, such as dew point, relative humidity, dry bulb, wet bulb, absolute humidity, volume ratio and mass ratio, offering flexibility during operation
  • Digital (RS-232) interface for data integrity
  • PanaView software transfers data from the meter to a PC for additional storage and enables data to be viewed graphically
  • Easy to configure using the front panel for simple operation
  • Humidity measurements are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Traceability (NIST)
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