ABLE FlareMaster - Flare Gas Meter


The ABLE FlareMaster Ultrasonic Flare Gas Meter has several unique performance enhancing features. It incorporates a dual redundancy, supervisory system; a measurement augmentation tool which addresses well documented performance compromising issues such as transducer contamination and loss of measurement at high velocity. The FlareMaster FGM sustains measurement and verifies performance during these process challenges.

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The meter also encompasses the Enhanced Density Module (EDM), which allows the operator to provide the Flare Gas Meter with full gas stream density inputs (21 AGA8 gas species) in order to negate the effects of density distorting gas compositions. This function is highly effective in reducing measurement uncertainty. For one North Sea Oil & Gas operator, this has already led to significant improvements in the accuracy of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reporting and consequent Tier 3 compliance.

In addition to this, FlareMaster uses ABLE’s proprietary DataFlow software for data gathering and analysis.

FlareMaster at a glance:

  • Calculates standard and operating gas compressibility
  • Calculates kinematic gas viscosity
  • Requires average operating process temperature and pressure
  • Encompasses both read and write functions
  • Presents record of gas composition and compressibility inputs for specific FGM
  • All historical gas composition records also available in tabular format
  • Displays specific FGM and location data
  • Provides documentary evidence for regulatory authority
ABLE FlareMaster
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