FPI Mag Flow Meter, Next Generation Mag Meter: A Tool for Leak Detection

What Can We Do to Prevent Water Loss? The availability of fresh water supply is a growing worldwide concern. People are more informed about the need to conserve. Current technology combined with knowledge that there is a worldwide water shortage issue is paving the path for improving our behaviours and processes.

Red Materials Ahead Of The Fines

Red Materials are Warwick based specialists in the restoration, treatment and disposal of earthwork soils. By combining the science of analytical assessment with comprehensive market knowledge, they are able to facilitate all waste management requirements, typically partnering national landfill operators to provide a valuable and fast initial assessment of waste category, offering additional onsite screening and material rationalisation.

ABLE Measures Capital Flow

ABLE is pleased to announce the order award by MORGAN EST for flow metering systems in the Thames Water London ring main extension. The Ring Main was built to improve the speed and efficiency of moving drinking water throughout the capital. The current ring main is 50 miles long and runs underneath London at an average depth of 40 metres.

Thames ‘Act-on’ The Need For Tighter Odour Control

Thames Water’s Acton Storm Pumping Station is located in the London borough of Ealing. The surrounding area is predominantly residential and mixed use buildings with the nearest properties located adjacent to the northeast boundary of the site on Canham Road and Warple Way.

ABLE Helps Reshape Thames Water’s Odour Boundaries

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is the second largest in the UK. It was built between 1931 and 1935 at a cost of £1.7m and covers an area of 55 hectares. Over half of the power used by the plant is renewable energy that has been generated on site as part of the sewage treatment process. The works serves around 2.1 million people, and some of the wastewater has travelled over 20 miles by the time it reaches Mogden.

ABLE Relieves Pressure On Sewage Treatment Project

Thames Water has invested £220m at Crossness STW and £190m at Beckton STW to help stop sewer overflows and improve water quality in the River Thames. The combined schemes will allow for a population increase of up to 10% through to 2021.

Southern Water And Success On Brighton Seafront

In order to comply with bathing water directives Southern Water has recently built an offline storage tank at Brighton. This facility has been constructed to intercept post-storm discharges from the sewer system and contain them until such time as the sewerage system can effectively process them. The system has been designed to contain the volumes of stormwater generated by a storm intensity, which occurs once in every 50 years.

Digesting The Needs Of The Environment

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is one of five in the London area being upgraded by Thames Water, to ensure the stricter treatment standards to be introduced by its regulator, the Environment Agency, in 2013 are met.