Rheonik Hydrogen Coriolis – Leading The Field In H2 Mass Flow Measurement

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles have become a common sight in areas where investment has been made in the “hydrogen highway” to establish filling stations and fuel supply to support such vehicles on the road. America, Canada, Japan, China and many European countries have already invested large sums of money to establish a basic network of hydrogen stations supporting fuel cell cars.

Lube Oil Contamination Monitoring Using RF Admittance

Large fabricating machines such as those found in Power, Chemical, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Food and Beverage, and other manufacturing industries have bearings that require a constant supply of clean, uncontaminated oil. Lubricant oils are used to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. The property of reducing friction is known as lubricity.

Reliable Hydrogen Dew Point Measurement For Electricity Generator Protection

Hydrogen gas is used for cooling rotor windings in turbine generators for several reasons. Its extremely low density offers minimal resistance to rotor rotation reducing the energy requirement for same. Furthermore, its excellent thermal conductivity makes it a very efficient carrier of heat away from the generator, where it is cooled and continuously recirculated in a closed loop.

Sun Sets on Bradwell Power Station

Located in South East England, close to the Essex coastline, Bradwell, a twin Magnox reactor, is undergoing decommissioning following shutdown in March 2002 after 40 years of operation. During its lifetime, the site generated nearly 60 TWh of electricity.

Spectra-cular Flow Metering Performance

The competitive nature of the energy market means that it is vital for British Coal to guarantee the quality and consistency of its products. In order to help achieve this, projects to help control and improve the operation of coal washing plants have been undertaken as part of British Coal’s Research programme.

Problems Of Nuclear Proportions

ABLE Instruments & Controls ltd recognise that data relating to the operational performance of installed equipment provides vital information relating to customer satisfaction, application suitability of equipment in addition enhanced product development...

Non Intrusive Flow Metering Systems for National Grid

Two electrically driven centrifugal compressors, using a variable frequency drive system, are to be installed at National Grid’s gas terminal at St Fergus to complement the existing compression facilities. National Grid awarded a contract to design, procure and construct the new compressor units to the joint venture of Land & Marine and IMEG.