Caterpillar Approve Canty for Lube Oil Analysis

Canty, ABLE’s partner for vision-based process measurement technology, have been formally approved for lube oil particle analysis by Caterpillar for use in their Scheduled Oil Service (S.O.S) labs worldwide.

Two of their Australian labs have already purchased systems, whilst the recent formal evaluation by CAT Corporate in the US affirms their reputation and position with the company.

All of their S.O.S. labs around the globe will be sent the evaluation results by CAT Corporate with a view to adopting the Canty InFlow across the board.

The arrangement with CAT is not exclusive so ABLE & Canty will be speaking to other large plant machinery suppliers such as Komatsu, JCB, Liebherr & John Deere.

The InFlow lube oil measuring principle is as per ASTM D7596 & D8049 with the data reporting to ISO4406.