ABLE’s FlareMaster™ Flare Gas Meter Enhancement Tool short-listed for EIC Technology Award 2018

ABLE has again been shortlisted for the EIC Technology Award as part of its 2018 Survive and Thrive initiative. The scheme once more brings into focus those companies that have shown a flair for innovation that has enabled them to endure the prevailing challenging market conditions and even to grow and prosper. This year the EIC has concentrated on those enterprises that can demonstrate a tangible benefit to industry.

ABLE submitted its latest addition to its ground breaking Master Series of metering products, the FlareMaster™. Designed to enhance the performance of the current generation of ultrasonic flare gas meters, FlareMaster™ remains faithful to the common philosophy of the Master Series, the resolution of demanding application challenges in order to consistently deliver accurate and sustainable flow measurements during process upsets and fluctuations in composition that would defeat conventional meters. The immediate impact of installing FlareMaster™, as has been demonstrated by a number of North Sea oil and gas platform installations, is a reduced measurement uncertainty leading to the prevention of the over reporting of Green House Gas emissions and the consequent avoidance of the associated financial penalties.

The winner will be presented at the EIC National Awards Dinner on 11 October 2018 at 8 Northumberland Ave in London, where around 400 Energy Sector peers will gather for an evening of celebration and entertainment provided by Jon Culshaw.