New Generation of Rheonik Omega Tube Coriolis Meters Released


ABLE are delighted to announce the release of Rheonik’s new generation of L Series Coriolis Flow Meter Sensors. The result of an extensive R&D program, L series meters have been developed to provide users with reliable, accurate mass flow measurement at pressures up to 1980 bar (20,000 psi).

Available with flow ranges between 0.008 and 30 kg/min, L Series sensors offer the following performance and feature enhancements:

  • Reduced pressure drop characteristics
  • Improved density measurement
  • Increased IP rating up to IP67
  • Wider range of wetted material options
  • Large range of mounting accessories
  • Pressure rating options up to 1980 bar / 20000 psi
  • Rheonik L series meters are ideal for OEM’s and end users alike and offer measurement performance at great value. OEM users will appreciate the small installation footprint while end users will enjoy precise multifunction measurement in even the most extreme of applications. L series meters can be applied to both liquid and gas applications.

    Rheonik has a single purpose: to design and manufacture the very best Coriolis meters available. Their research and engineering resources are dedicated to finding new and better ways to provide cost effective accurate mass flow solutions.

    ABLE Instruments & Rheonik in partnership ‐ we are The Coriolis Experts ‐ For more information regarding this news release, please contact Dave Quelch on 0118 916 9407 or email: