JM Canty Develop Subsea Oil in Water and TSS Analyser

JM Canty Develop Subsea Oil in Water and TSS Analyser

With global energy demands increasing and more than 5% of the world’s liquid hydrocarbon resources believed to be lying in deep-water reservoirs, there is an increased focus on subsea technology. Subsea processing, will not only provide access to less accessible oil fields but also greater levels of productivity and reduced costs. In order to ensure subsea separation technology is performing optimally an accurate and reliable subsea OIW & TSS analyser is essential.

Canty, who are exclusively represented in the UK by ABLE Instruments, have developed a low maintenance, long lifetime Subsea dynamic imaging OIW & TSS analyser. Acceptance testing of the system has recently being completed as part of an operator funded project, whereby the system was independently tested in field simulated conditions under a number of test conditions. The extensive test matrix applied exercised the analyser’s full range of functions, running various concentrations of oil from ppm through to 5%, and droplet / particle sizes as small as 1 micron. The instrument, a variant of Canty’s proven INFLOW oil in water analyser, gave an excellent account of itself in all respects.

Dynamic imaging through the use of Canty’s vision based system provides in-line, real time analysis of the oil in water. Critically, the system is capable of distinguishing between oil, solids and gas bubbles delivering real-time size and concentration measurements for all three components.

The Subsea Analyser uses Canty’s vision based technique which is based on the fundamental principle of presenting the sample fluid (water/oil stream) between a high intensity LED array light source and a microscopic camera.The INFLOW already provides an effective solution to topside measurement of OiW and TSS for monitoring separator efficiency, detection of upstream process upsets and solids control in water for re-injection.

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