Genesis Multiphase Detector on Upstream Slug Catcher


Genesis Multiphase Detector: ED2-214C-310
Genesis Pentarod Probe: PEF-63N0-A00-11-203


A major oil producer up on the North Slope of Alaska was interested in comparing the performance of the Genesis Multiphase Detector to an aging Nucleonic Profiler destined for replacement. 

The Slug Catcher vessel is 20 feet in diameter and 50 feet long. It is the first stage of separation collecting product directly from the field.


The customer installed the Genesis Pentarod probe approximately six feet from the nucleonic profiler, providing the best possible test environment to compare the outputs of both devices. Below is a trend showing the Bottom of Emulsion (Water level) comparison. The Genesis (blue line) is exactly tracking the profiler (yellow line seen behind).


The customer is now able to accurately measure the upper level, top of emulsion, and water level (with interest in sand later) without the extra cost and HSE concerns required of nucleonic devices. They will be installing another Genesis on a different Slug Catcher during their next shutdown.