Genesis Multiphase Detector on an Upstream Separator


Model ED2-214B-310 Multiphase Detector withPEF-64N0-A00-11-118 Pentarod probe


Due to occasional erratic operation of their existing equipment, a major oil producer responsible for a number of oil fields up on the North Slope of Alaska took the opportunity to install the Genesis Multiphase Detector during start-up of a large upstream separator in their remote oil field.

The vessel is 13 feet in diameter and 40 feet in length, and is the first stage of separation of product from the field.


As a testament to the ease of use for such a sophisticated product, this customer was able to conveniently compare the analog outputs corresponding to the upper level, top of emulsion, and bottom of emulsion to the other instruments installed on the vessel. This proved to the customer that the Genesis was operating as required, giving them enough confidence to place it in full control of the vessel.


Having a single device capable of measuring multiple layers with one top mounted process connection will eliminate the need to procure and install numerous other devices, thus reducing installation costs and start-up time for future installations. The success of this installation resulted in the customer purchasing three (3) additional Genesis Multiphase Detectors for other separators in several other oil fields under their control.