Canty InFlow for Particles in Transmission Fluid Analysis

In the product development department of all major car manufacturers throughout the world, there is a section dedicated to the testing of new transmission / gearbox systems. This testing typically consists of running a rig, incorporating an engine and transmission, continuously for 100,000km or more, varying the RPM, alternating gears etc. The duration of the test is somewhere in the region of 40-60 days.

As part of their testing, the manufacturers will perform particle analysis within the transmission fluid. The size and concentration of particles within the fluid is indicative of the wear rate of the transmission components themselves.

At the beginning of the testing, particles will be relatively small with an average size of approx. 5 microns or less. As testing continues and components begin to wear, both the particle count and size will increase and, by the end of the test cycle, there may be particles as large as 300-400 microns present.

The Canty InFlow can be used to provide continuous, online analysis of both the particle count / concentration and the particle size, allowing the user to monitor the increasing trend and identify at what point and under what operating conditions, the wear rate changes. Canty are currently taking part in a test at a well-known car manufacturer in Korea and are looking to approach the major automobile manufacturers worldwide with regard to this application.

For more information on particle analysis in lube oils please visit: Canty InFlow™ Approved For Use With ASTM D7596 Particle Count Standard For Lubricating Oil