Canty BioCam Process Camera / Light Combination for Biotech Industry

Canty have recently launched the BioCam which is a process camera/light combination designed specifically for the biotech industry. The system features a single, polished stainless steel housing, containing both the gigabit Ethernet camera and the dual LED light sources.

The process connection is a sanitary 4” tri-clamp featuring Canty’s fused glass technology to provide a single, polished, crevice free wetted surface. Quick connects for the power (24VDC) and video connections make installing the system a simple process.

The system is used with the CANTYVISION Software to provide an unparalleled view into a fermenter or bioreactor and image analysis capabilities which facilitate automatic foam detection. Connection to the user control system via OPC or 4-20mA then allows fully realised foam control, reducing the amount of antifoam agents used and improving overall process efficiency.

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