Water Cut

M-Flow Sure-Cut - Water Cut Analyser


ABLE Instruments are M-Flow’s exclusive partner for distribution and support in the UK and Ireland.

M-Flow’s cutting-edge water cut meter, the Sure-Cut®, is designed for the digital oilfield and are ideal for pipeline and terminal networks, where high precision is required, applying progressive density compensation and slug management. Sure-Cut® is supplied with auto-calibration and optimisation software to compensate for fluid changes, when connected to live line density and temperature inputs.

Sure-Cut’s proven accuracy and resolution is based on laboratory validation of it’s microwave resonant cavity sensing.

Sure-Cut’s sophisticated graphical interface and connectivity presents a transparent, accurate system for processing production and diagnostic data. This data can be accessed remotely via a secure online interface from any connected device.


  • Full range, 0% to the inversion point, from a single analyser
  • Full density compensation as standard
  • Compatible with all oil densities and viscosities
  • Unique design negates intrusion into the flow
  • No fouling or sensor damage
  • No maintenance or recalibration required
  • Long term repeatable performance

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M-Flow Sure-Cut
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