Q-Eye M-II - Portable Pulse-Doppler System


For sewage treatment plants flow measurements are primarily installed for internal reasons, for example to control specific plant components with flow dependency or for controlling additives. International regulations for example the EU-Directive for handling municipal waste water require a continuous surveillance of waste water flow. Defective flow measurements on sewage-treatment plants can therefore influence their operation, but there can also be legal or environmental consequences.


  • Sensor: 1 x velocity, 1 x water level
  • Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Range: Velocity ± 5,3 m/s, water level 0,04 – 1,3 m, expandable via optional hydrostatic sensor: 0 – 3,5 m (other ranges available upon request)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of measured value for v and h (ultrasonic), ± 0,25 % for value h (hydrostatic), ± 2% for flow
  • Cable Length: Max. 80 m
  • Display: 1 lines, 8 characters
  • Keyboard: 1 key
  • Datalogger: 2 MB (internal)
  • Communication: RS-232
  • Outputs: 1 x Pulse
  • Power Supply: battery operation 8 x 1,5 V (D-size) or rechargeable battery
  • Enclosure: ATEX (option). IP 69 K (NEMA 6P) if plugs are connected to sensors or protection caps screwed on tight. POM (Polyoxymethylen)
Q-Eye M-II
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