Model R82 - Non-Contact Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter


Radar has been part of the level measurement market for more than thirty years. The early designs used in tank gauging were heavy, expensive, power-hungry and complex. Advancements in radar circuitry have evolved the modern radar transmitter so that now it is light, inexpensive, loop-powered and easy to use. The R82 is the logical extension of that evolution.

Microwave-based radar is a superior measurement technology with its ability to operate effectively in a wide range of process conditions. It has been too expensive to use as a replacement for ultrasonic transmitters in simple, daily applications…until now. The R82 radar transmitter can be considered the answer to almost every daily level measurement application imaginable.


  • 24 VDC, loop-power with HART®
  • Housing: Lexan® or cast aluminum
  • Range: 15″ (380 mm) to 40 feet (12 m) measured from process connection
  • Antenna: Encapsulated horn – polypropylene or Tefzel®
  • Process Temperature: -40 to +200 °F (-40 to +93 °C)
  • Process Pressure: Vacuum to 200 psig (-1 to 13.8 bar)
Model R82
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