Magnetrol Genesis - Multiphase Level Detector


Magnetrol’s Genesis Multiphase Detector is a Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)-based, 24 VDC level detector designed to accurately define and quantify the various layers in multiple interface level measurement applications. Encompassing a number of significant developments from Magnetrol’s progressive engineering team, this innovative level detector can deliver a full interface profile of a vessel with performance which surpasses many of the more traditional technologies.

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Utilizing patented “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” signals, along with advanced level detection algorithms, this single device can be used in a wide variety of interface applications ranging from very light hydrocarbons to water-based media. For example, Genesis can be used to define the multiple interfaces in a separator vessel (sand-water-emulsion-oil-gas) with exceptional precision and can even determine the magnitude of any emulsion layer.

This detector, like other Magnetrol devices, is designed to maximise ease of wiring, configuration, and viewing of the versatile graphic LCD display.

Genesis supports both the Field Device Integration (FDI) and Enhanced DD (EDDL) standards, which allow viewing of valuable configuration and diagnostic information in tools such as PACTware™, AMS Device Manager, and various HART® Field Communicators.

Genesis is available in two variants: the Model ED1 is the full featured detector which comes with four analogue outputs as standard, an enhanced DTM for dynamic viewing of all levels; and was the basis for developing the advanced algorithms which facilitate the most difficult level applications across the process industries. The ED1 is particularly suited for the downstream Oil & Gas market where it outperforms traditional technologies while going head-to-head with nucleonic devices (e.g. Profilers) at a more competitive total cost of ownership.

The Model ED2 uses many of the sophisticated algorithms deployed by the ED1 but accommodates two, three or four analogue output configurations as required.


  • 24 VDC interface detector with four (4) 4-20mA outputs for convenient control of top level, top of emulsion, water level, and sediment
  • Concurrent patented Top-Down and Bottom-Up signal generation
  • Changing media characteristics have no effect on level measurement
  • No need to move levels for calibration
  • No moving parts in the process, reducing measurement errors and downtime
  • Detects four levels with one top-mounted process connection
  • Probe designs are available up to +400F / 1000psi (+200C / 70 bar)
  • Proactive diagnostics with troubleshooting tips
Magnetrol Genesis
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