Magnetrol E3 Modulevel - Liquid Level Transmitter


The Digital E3 Modulevel is an advanced, intrinsically safe two-wire instrument utilising simple buoyancy principle to detect and convert liquid level changes into a stable output signal. The linkage between the level sensing element and output electronics provides a simple mechanical design and construction. The vertical in-line design of the transmitter results in low instrument weight and simplified installation. The instrument comes in a variety of configurations and pressure ratings for varied applications.

The Digital E3 MODULEVEL transmitter has microprocessor-based electronics with HART compatible output, in addition to the standard 4-20 mA output. The E3 MODULEVEL unit supports the FDT/DTM standard and a PACTware™ PC software package allows for additional configuration and trending capabilities.


  • SIL Certified, SFF value of 90.6%
  • No calibration required; configuration only
  • Available with 4–20 mA and HART® 6.x with PACTware™ PC software and the Field Device Tool (FDT); AMS ready
  • Foundation fieldbus™ option with PID block and Link Active Scheduler (LAS) capability
  • Comprehensive diagnostics with faults, warnings and status history
  • Range spring suppresses effects of turbulence to produce stable output signal
  • Suitable for process pressures up to 5150 psig (355 bar)
  • For use in process temperatures up to +850° F (+450° C) in non-steam applications
  • Explosion-proof, intrinsically-safe and non-incendive approvals from FM, CSA, ATEX and IEC
  • Specific gravity adjustment without stopping process
  • Transmitter head rotatable through 360° and removable without interruption of process
  • Suitable for interface measurement and density detection
  • Electromagnetic compatibility per CE requirement EN 61326
  • Shock and vibration suitable per ANSI/ISA-S71.03 Class SA1 and VC2
Magnetrol E3 Modulevel
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