McCrometer V-Cone Flow Meter


ABLE are exclusive distributors and suppliers of McCrometer V-Cone Flow Meters, advanced differential pressure flow measurement instruments for use with liquid, steam or gas in harsh environments where accuracy, low maintenance and minimal pressure loss are paramount. The V-Cone differential pressure or DP meter also allows the user to precisely monitor plant air volume flow and is ideal for use as an industrial flow meter.

With built in flow conditioning, the V-Cone is especially beneficial in tight-fit installations where the long straight pipe runs required by alternate flow technologies are either impractical or unavailable.


  • Flowmeter accuracy to +/-0.5%
  • Flowmeter repeatability to +/-0.1%
  • Wide flow range
  • Preconditions flow
  • Requires minimal straight pipe
  • Low head loss, low maintenance
  • No recalibration
  • Suitable for use as an ATEX flow meter
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Features of the meter as part of the ExactSteam system.

  • A complete flowmeter for steam metering, factory configured for energy metering or mass flow
  • Accurate steam measurement across entire application range with advanced low flow cut-off
  • Simple retrofitting and outstanding installation flexibility – no flow conditioner required
  • Requires minimal straight pipe
  • V-Cone technology produces the lowest permanent pressure loss to maximise plant efficiency
  • The V-Cone flowmeter’s primary element has a 25 year+ lifespan resulting in low maintenance costs
  • No recalibration

In tight spaces, V-Cone differential pressure (DP) meters are a great choice when considering that turbulence can cause issues with accuracy in other conventional metering styles.

A differential pressure meter enabling accurate steam measurement across entire application range with advanced low flow cut-off. The precise measurement of saturated steam can be incredibly tricky with other types of meter, the V-Cone is able to provide accurate readings on an ongoing basis. The meter is capable as a superheated steam meter and also in unsaturated and saturated steam environments.

Orifice plate DP meters are probably the most well-known DP meter but easily suffer erosion of the measuring edge meaning a replacement is required. The V-Cone is more customisable and resists reverse flow scenarios, the effects of resonant frequencies, flow-induced vortices, and thermal shock. While a VCone installation may end up being more expensive in the short term, the lifespan and reduced maintenance / replacement requirements should result in it being a significantly better long term solution.

The testing for the McCrometer VCone has been stringent. One example of this is in Hemet, California where McCrometer have a robust Calibration Test Lab that enables production of the most accurate and precise flow instrumentation. The test facility utilizes three gravimetric systems and two volumetric systems providing accuracy and calibration tests of flow meters from 1/2 to 20-inch diameter, with flow rates up to 4,000 gpm.

McCrometer V-Cone Flow Meters are sometimes referred to as ‘McCrometer VCone Flow Meters’, ‘Universal Differential Flow Meters’, ‘McCrometer V Cone Flow Meters’, ‘differential pressure flow meter’ or ‘McCrometer V-Cone DP flow meter’.

McCrometer V-Cone Flow Meter
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