Magnetrol Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter


The Thermatel® Model TA2 is an easy-to-use, economical, continuous gas flow meter that is often utilized to manage energy costs or to meet environmental regulations in a variety of industries. TA2 total cost of ownership is reduced through ease of installation, calibration verification in the field and reduced maintenance with no moving parts or ports to plug. Since the measurement is based on heat transfer, the TA2 has reliable performance at low gas flows and pressures where other technologies have difficulties.

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  • Direct mass flow measurement of air and gas
  • Excellent low flow sensitivity with high turndown (rangeability)
  • Process temperatures to +400 °F (+200 °C)
  • Rotatable housing
  • FM / FMc / ATEX / IEC approvals
  • Resettable and non-resettable totalizers
  • Calibration verification in the field
Magnetrol Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter
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