Crude Oil And Mercury Don’t Mix

Innovene Grangemouth called upon ABLE Instruments & Controls Limited to assist in detection of mercury contamination in crude oil streams.

Shell Utilise Jerome Mercury Analyser Offshore

ABLE is pleased to announce the order award for their Jerome Mercury Analyser for the Shell operated Clipper gas production platform.

Mercury Risk Reduced

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service, acting on the advice of one of its Fire Board’s constituent local authorities scientific advisory services namely, Glasgow Scientific Services, has recently purchased ABLE’s Mercury Detection System for its technical support teams and mobile technical support laboratory.

Warning: The Invisible Danger In Oil And Gas

Almost all oil and gas is found within the tiny spaces in sedimentary rocks, mainly sandstone and coarse-grained limestone. Bedrock limestone and sandstone, even though hard, also contain lots of pores that can contain water or oil or gas and other elements.