ABLE Upgrade Engine Test Bed Hygrometry Systems for Rolls-Royce

With over 12,000 people and an estate of over 400,000 square metres, Derby is home to the largest concentration of Rolls Royce employees in the UK. It’s also home to their academy where over 200 apprentices are recruited each year and is the site for their Learning and Development centre.

Moisture Measurement for Metals in Harsh Environments

Heat treatment processes for metals represent harsh environments for the measurement of blanket gas constituents. Ambient conditions in the furnaces have high particulate levels, acid gases and other compounds either outgassing or being burned off of the metal components being processed.

Reliable Hydrogen Dew Point Measurement For Electricity Generator Protection

Hydrogen gas is used for cooling rotor windings in turbine generators for several reasons. Its extremely low density offers minimal resistance to rotor rotation reducing the energy requirement for same. Furthermore, its excellent thermal conductivity makes it a very efficient carrier of heat away from the generator, where it is cooled and continuously recirculated in a closed loop.