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Whatever application you need to use high quality instrumentation for, whether rugged off shore demanding installation or a hazardous area, you want to be sure you are using a reliable and accurate equipment to make the job quicker and efficient.  ABLE are leading suppliers of instrumentation for a wide range of applications from industrial settings through to laboratories – their knowledgeable and highly experienced team can not only advise on use of the products but also offer a comprehensive calibration and repair service.

ABLE are experts in field of portable flowmeters – none more so than the ABLE Atex Portable. Any portable flowmeter must be installed and removed without breaking the integrity of the pipe hence the use of lamp on ultrasonic technology. Transducers are mounted externally and the signal is propagated through the pipe wall to measure the flow within the pipe. With the integration of the ATEX flowmeter battery pack the flowmeter can offer up to 24 hours operations and the ability to exchange batteries within the hazardous area without disconnecting from the power supply. This technology is exclusive to ABLE and leads the way in innovation in measurement in hazardous applications.

ABLE Instruments & Controls Limited is a leading supplier of instrument technologies for all process and research industries. Founded in 1985 the company offers the best available solution to meet the demands of the measurement regardless of the manufacturer with a range of traditional instruments through to the very latest technology.

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