EX-100 / 1000 - Side Stream Analysers


As a UK channel partner for Advanced Sensors, we are pleased to offer the renowned EX-100 / 1000 side stream oil in water analysers using the fluorescence measurement technique. The EX-1000 has the additional benefit of spectral analysis.

The EX-100 / 1000 side stream analysers are aptly suited to end of process monitoring – that is, measurement of produced water immediately prior to discharge or re-injection. The side stream analysers take a feed from a main source and provide a continuous ppm value (using fluorescence), as well as access to all the historical logged information. The output of the analyser can be fed back in to the process or to a drain.


  • Zero on-going maintenance using patented ultrasonic cleaning mechanisms and software
  • Laser Induced UV Fluorescence
  • Unparalleled high concentration measurement capabilities allowing user configurable ranges from 0-10 PPB, to 0-20,000 PPM
  • 1% accuracy and 99% measurement repeatability
  • Complete remote capabilities
  • No flow conditioning or flow control
  • Plumb’n’Play – easy installation into new or existing installations
  • Multiple communications configurations – 4-20mA, HART, Modbus, Ethernet, ADSL, etc.


  • With no consumables and no regular operator intervention, the Advanced Sensors analyser offers very low Cost Of Ownership (COO)
  • By using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), the analyser avoids standard lamp fluorescent issues, namely, warm up requirements and deterioration of lamps over time resulting in accuracy issues
  • Advanced software capabilities allow complete remote control and monitoring. Ideal for un-manned locations and remote process monitoring
EX-100 / 1000
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