ABLE Fusion Level Gauge - Magnetic Level & Guided Wave Radar


The ABLE Fusion level gauge is the most advanced, accurate and reliable level measurement system which combines the operation of a float operated magnetic level indicator with a guided wave radar to offer two independent proven level technologies in one system.

The magnetic level indicator offers a clear visual level display and can be supplied with a reed chain transmitter, magnetostrictive transmitter or switches for high and low level alarm requirements, operating in conjunction with the level indicator float.

The VEGA guided wave radar offers an independent level measurement based on high frequency microwave pulses that are transmitted along a guide rod. The pulses are reflected back by the liquid surface to a receiver, providing a level measurement accuracy of +/-3mm.


  • 2 x independent integrated technologies for redundancy
  • Difference in readings between MLI and GWR offer feedback of system performance
  • No calibration required on either measuring technology
  • 2-wire, intrinsically safe or explosion proof, loop powered level transmitter
  • HART® communication protocol
  • Extra outputs available
ABLE Fusion Level Gauge
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