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The latest variant of the Fluenta Flare Gas Flow Meter is the FGM160-II. Previous versions such as the FGM100 and FGM130 can easily be upgraded to the FGM160-II making maximum use of the existing infrastructure such as transducer and temperature and pressure transmitter mountings.

In addition to the benefits of upgrading as listed below, the following points detail the ease of upgrade to the FGM160-II:

  • The FGM160-II flow computer is designed to be mounted on the same Unistrut frame as the FGM130 junction box, which is no longer required
  • The four-wire DC power supply running 24Vdc to the FGM130 field electronics is suitable to supply 24Vdc to the new FGM160-II system
  • If in good condition the PT and TT transmitters can be utilized as part of the upgrade. They can be wired directly to, and powered from, the FGM160-II field computer
  • The FGM160-II has very low power consumption with a maximum of 13W. The existing field cabling should be capable of carrying this power

The fluenta FGM160-II is the most robust and accurate flare monitor available today. Key features are as follows:

  • Non-intrusive design does not penetrate flow stream
  • Flush mount transducers for full profile measurement and largest time resolution for increased accuracy at low velocities and sensor protection at high velocities
  • No moving parts
  • Flow measurement 0.03 m/s to 120 m/s is capable of  measuring higher flow rates than any other flare gas flow meter
  • High turndown (4000:1)
  • Uncertainty: plus or minus 2.5% – 5%
  • Software based user interface
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Internet based operator console for communication with transmitter and first line service from any PC using the internet
  • Serial interface based on Modbus protocol
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