ABLE v-Trakka VT2 - Christmas Tree Valve Position Transmitter


The ABLE v-Trakka model VT2 has been developed to provide continuous direct valve position measurement with valves that do not have a central stem. It is designed to retrofit to most top side trees that use the indicator window design, such as Vetco Gray. As with VT1, its extremely stable and robust design eliminates dependance on problematic limit switches and inferred pressure measurements.

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  • Uses all 316 stainless steel parts with full template nitrile rubber gasket and phosphate-dipped UNC bolts to prevent galvanic corrosion when mounted to a carbon steel valve body.
  • Compact design facilitates installation in restricted space of anulus and gas-lift valves at grating level.
  • 2-Wire EEx d Loop-powered Transmitter
  • Continuous Direct Measurement of Tree Valve-position
  • Retrofits to most top side valves using the indicator window design
  • Extremely stable and robust design eliminates dependence on problematic limit switches and inferred pressure measurements.
ABLE v-Trakka VT2
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