Eclipse 706GWR: Modernisation Through Adaptation

The adapter that retrofits your Magnetrol Model 705 Guided Wave Radar probes to our state-of-the-art
Model 706 platform without disrupting your process.

Tough Applications Require High Standards

When your instrumentation is not equipped to handle the job, overfills, reduced productivity and increased maintenance can result. As with our radar, ultrasonic, thermal dispersion, magnetic level indicators and other technologies, the Eclipse 700 comes with the service and technical support you need to take your plant’s level instrumentation to the next level.

Major Chemical Manufacturer Utilizes E3 Modulevel® For Total Level And Interface Applications

One of the world’s largest producers of caprolactam, an organic chemical used as a precursor to the manufacture of synthetic fibres, required continuous monitoring of liquid levels in tanks.

New Eclipse® Model 706 GWR Adapter For Enhanced Performance & Troubleshooting in Desalter Interface Measurement

Two Magnetrol Eclipse Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Model 705s were being used to measure the interface in a desalter at a refinery, the control of which is a critical process. Inorganic chlorides, suspended solids, and trace metals found in untreated crude must be removed by chemical or electrostatic desalting. This reduces the risk of acid corrosion, plugging, fouling and catalyst poisoning in downstream units. Measurement of the oil-water interface in the desalter is crucial in separating the cleansed crude from contaminants.


ConocoPhillips is decommissioning the Lincolnshire gas pipeline in the Southern North Sea, and the Theddlethorpe gas terminal.

ABLE Has Denso Taped

Denso tape and petrolatum products are cold applied anti-corrosion and sealing tapes based on a synthetic fabric, impregnated and coated with a neutral petroleum compound.

Managing Foam Level in Bioreactor Vessels

Typically, cell cultures and raw materials (called “broth”) are mixed by an agitator and then allowed to settle. As the broth settles, the fermentation process begins and the cells start to grow. CO² gases, produced by the fermentation process, are drawn through filters by a vacuum pump in the top of the fermentation vessel. The filters keep outside contaminants from getting into the vessel, and prevent the microorganisms from getting out.

Capacitive Sensors for Water Cut Measurement

Separation operations, automated well testing and lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) are, but three of the oilfield applications for which capacitive analysis has a record of reliable, cost-effective performance

Custom Design On Critical Duties Continues To Measure Up

Whilst new products often provide opportunities for faster, high accuracy measurement solutions, it is always worth considering those technologies with proven application histories.

No Power, No Problem. VLI’s Keep Things On The Level

Using visual level indicators will allow processing plant operators to keep track of tank fill levels even in the case of an emergency power outage.

Set Your Sights On Better Level Measurement

ABLE’s Magnetic Level Gauges are progressively replacing other outdated modes of level technology, providing clear indication and non-invasive liquid level control in any chamber configuration required to suit process connections.

Lube Oil Contamination Monitoring Using RF Admittance

Large fabricating machines such as those found in Power, Chemical, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Food and Beverage, and other manufacturing industries have bearings that require a constant supply of clean, uncontaminated oil. Lubricant oils are used to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. The property of reducing friction is known as lubricity.

ABLE Resolves Sticky Situation

Petroleum Bitumen, normally called “Bitumen” or “Asphalt” is produced by refining crude oil. Used as a binder in road-building products, it is a very viscous, black or dark brown material.

Valve Position Technology Without Limits

Many offshore oil and gas operators are seeking an alternative to limit switches for the control of surface Xmas tree valves, due chiefly to issues with reliability and functionality; limit switch technology can only provide valve status information in terms of fully opened or closed with no facility for continuous feedback as to actual valve position.

Water In Oil Analysis Turns To Tar

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd is pleased to report a successful acceptance testing phase for measuring coke tar moisture at Corus Steel Plant in Scunthorpe, using their Drexelbrook CM6 on-line water in oil analyser.

ABLE Fusion™ Knocks Out Pneumatic Level Transmitters On NGL Condensate

A major oil & gas exploration and production company asked ABLE to assist with an urgent and difficult NGL condensate level measurement application on two of their platforms in the North Sea due to failing process instruments.

Critical Duties at Mossmorran

At the time of its commissioning in 1985 the Fife ethylene plant at Mossmorran, was the most highly evolved plant of its type in the world.

Problems Of Nuclear Proportions

ABLE Instruments & Controls ltd recognise that data relating to the operational performance of installed equipment provides vital information relating to customer satisfaction, application suitability of equipment in addition enhanced product development...

Finger Lickin’ Good

Faccenda Chicken, one of the UK’s largest poultry processors are discovering the benefits of using the Besta float level switches from ABLE Instruments & Controls. Product quality is the overriding concern of Faccenda and care for the quality of its farm fresh chickens starts even before the chickens are hatched.

Continuous Level Measurement Of Black Liquor & Soap

Continuous Level Measurement of black liquor and soap offers some unique challenges. It is highly alkaline and the soap tends to separate out from the liquor, forming a foamy layer on top; this layer can vary from a few inches to several feet.