ABLE Instruments moves to Employee Ownership

ABLE has become an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) thereby securing the independence and succession of ownership of the business. All shares were obtained from the current shareholder thereby giving the business control over its own future.

Employee ownership has many benefits for ABLE and its staff, not least being its continued independence. The process and immediate aftermath will cause minimum disruption as the business is able to remain at its current location with no interruption to productivity and innovation.  

Under this arrangement, ABLE will sustain the ability to recruit and retain the talent that has provided such a rich legacy and established its values.

Any uncertainty regarding the future ownership succession of the business has been removed and all employees now have a financial stake in the company and the opportunity to share in the rewards of its future success.

The EOT model of company ownership is fast gaining momentum with over 400 businesses having gone down this route since 2014.